Maila G. de Castro, J.D. MBA


Practice Areas:
Intellectual Property Rights Management and Strategy (Entertainment, Media, Content)
Creating, Maintaining, and Monetizing Chain of Title
Intellectual Property Audit
Technology Transactions

ABOUT Maila G. de Castro, J.D. MBA

Maila has more than 15 years experience in intellectual property rights management within the creative economy and has honed her legal and business skills as a result of working directly with industry players from all levels and backgrounds. Her professional history includes working in-house with the group of companies of a top TV network (GMA Network, Inc.), a leading advertising and content production company (Unitel Group of Companies), and as an independent legal and business consultant for various groups and individuals involved in filmmaking, TV, or content production, and players working within in the Entertainment and Media industries and its sub-sectors.

Her work in the Technology Industry or information economy includes helping both established companies and start-ups as they navigate their way through various stages of their corporate and business life cycle – she provides holistic advice and support for issues relative to data privacy, business process streamlining, IP protection, licensing, support services structures, commercial agreements, including board matters and corporate governance.