Agriculture: Farming With A Heart

Our team offers services that help you “farm with a heart” and champion our country’s biggest yet most overlooked food producers – the Filipino Farmer.

The Philippine government, together with the business community, are working together to further develop the local agricultural sector. Local corporations are adapting their business strategies and technologies to generate competitive products. To add to this, more and more Filipino millennials are also venturing into agripreneurship to provide new sources of organic produce. All these initiatives point to improving the welfare and livelihood of our farmers, while enhancing peace and stability in the countryside.

Our group provides services that help your business profit purposefully, among which include:

  • Social agripreneurship advice and linkages, including global best practices
  • Regulatory advice/compliance (CARP law, IPRA law, land registration and use)
  • Land dispute litigation
  • Business development and marketing advice
  • Farm management (labor management, product quality and development, logistics, technology transfer)

John Carlo B. Tria

Industry Lead

8F Adamson Centre, 121 LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines

+632 8887 2332