Hospitality and Tourism: Farther yet Stronger

While our spirit of hospitality hasn’t changed, the world around us has. This has brought about fears, uncertainties and challenges that have forced hoteliers to rethink service procedures, fortify health and safety protocols, and innovate the basics of hotel operations. We may be doing things quite differently, but our
passion remains the same. We may be farther apart, but our hospitality is stronger than ever.

We at OLLI can assist entrepreneurs in this industry by developing strategies and mapping out action plans that will guide and support the much-needed adjustments to the evolving new norms in Filipino hospitality. We offer guidance in the following areas:

Pre-opening requirements
Department of Tourism compliance and accreditation
Developing hotel standard operating procedures
Energy conservation methods
Sales and marketing, including e-commerce
Brand management
Rebranding initiatives
Hotel skills training and development
Customer service trainings
Heightened hotel safety and security protocols
Enhanced OSH policies and procedures
Strategic Planning on New Norms in Hospitality
Innovations in hotel operations
Intensified Housekeeping Standards
Hotel scenario planning