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Makati – October 8 2019 – A Policy Workshop and Focused Group Discussion (FGD) on Federalism was recently conducted by the country’s premiere international management school and research institution, the Asian Institute of Management, and attended by OLLI Consulting Group’s Principal, Atty. Leo Dominguez, Government-Industry Alignment Consultant, Stephen Araneta and representatives from both the private and public sector, specifically local government units (LGUs).

In order to stick to the FGD’s objectives, AIM opted for a certain process and flow to guide the participants. Both the business group and the local government units had to answer two key questions: a) Will the present Constitution and Presidential form of government facilitate or hinder the attainment of the
goal in the workshop? And secondly, b) Will Federalism be a better form of government compared to that of a presidential type to help facilitate the attainment of the goal identified in the workshop?

Methodical in approach, AIM made it clear to its participants that they needed to 1) Identify a problem or issue; 2) Process the problem and convert it to an objective and 3) Assess if the Presidential form or the Federal form of government will attain the objective.

From the business group’s perspective, the objective was to reduce poverty from 21% to 14%. In this group, it was noted that tweaking both the Presidential form of government as well as a Federalism form of government can both address the objectives. Speaking from the business perspective, Dominguez explained that a tweaked Presidential form of government can address the immediate issues of poverty while federalism is at an advantage to reduce poverty for the long term. He added, however, that this will all “depend on the provisions placed in the constitution on either form of government”.

On the one hand, the LGU representatives mentioned that their objective was to increase the revenue share on national taxes. They concluded that their objective can be attained through a Presidential form of government. Different views, methods and approaches in helping address poverty, made for a richer and substantial discussion that afternoon.

Representing the business group was OLLI Consulting Group Principal and Philippines – Sweden Business Council Chairman, Atty. Leo Dominguez together with Coffee for Peace CEO, Joji Pantoja, while the government was represented by Sandra Paredes, Executive Director of the League of Provinces.

Meeting of Minds.
Through a focused group discussion, the Asian Institute of Management pools
together the private and public sector to discuss policies concerning Federalism and how it can address


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