#MINDANAO: Good moves and better numbers

Continuing on the path to recovery over the last month, we saw some better economic numbers and new programs and events which I believe are good moves as they are game changers for the youth that I see are keys to pushing our economic recovery and strengthening our resilience.

The rise in import and export volumes in April compared to last year indicate increased economic activity, boding well for our employment numbers and our over all recovery.


Pushing continuous recovery will require engaging the future, personified by today’s youth, mainly the Gen Z and post millennial generation. Their exposure to technology, among other skills enables them to better take apart complex problems and find ways forward to solve them reflects a capacity to multitask and think at various levels. These skills also enable them to connect quickly, and obtain the needed information to make decisions fast.

The good news is that there are programs meant to harness these.

You will note, there are many young farmers featured in the Manila Bulletin who are able to inspire many with their clear grasp of the scientific underpinnings of agribusiness and are thus better able to harness technology that can allow them to address two key issues affecting many farms: climate change and biosafety. Many of them are able to unlock and explore opportunities never before seen for their farms, such as far- to-table restaurants, organic produce buyers.

Recent scholarship programs can boost these capabilities, under the Department of Agriculture such as the Mentoring and Attracting Youth in Agribusiness (MAYA), and financing such as the Kapital Access for Young Agriperenurs (KAYA), can provide up to 500,000 pesos in uncollateralized loans for their agribusiness projects.

Also worth noting in the BSP Youth Summit on July 9 are the up and coming young entrepreneurs taking charge of and utilizing financial technology and other digital tools to not only make payments, but to obtain business loans to propel their ventures. Another is the Sulong Pilipinas on Climate Change and the Youth Sector, an online event on June 15.


Image from Pexels   |   Article first appeared in the Manila Bulletin website last June 16, 2021.


John Carlo Tria is a management consultant specializing in business development, compliance and project management in the natural resources sector.

He specializes in business development, compliance, and project management in the agricultural, energy, and natural resources industries. He also conducts socio-economic research, education, and awareness campaigns for projects in these industries.

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