By: Maria Paula Tolentino

According to the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI) President Ma. Alegria Sibal-Limjoco, “the Philippines and Argentina have over 70 years of diplomatic relations both on the cultural and economic front. Now, Argentina once more seeks to strengthen its ties with the Philippines. Argentina sees the country as a trading hub, and given the current business climate, now is definitely the best time to invest, trade, and do business.”

Organized by the Argentine Republic, and under the leadership of Undersecretary for Agro-Industrial Markets, Ministry of Production & Labour, Mr. Pedro Manuel Vigneau, together with the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Manila, Charge d’ Affaires Mr. Flavio Chomnalez and Philippines-Argentine Business Council Chairman, Mr. Jesus Pineda, Jr., a 15-person delegation composed of Argentinian business owners and representatives, flew in from a previous engagement in Indonesia to meet with the PCCI, Manila being the delegation’s last leg.

Held on July 26, 2019 a t the Commerce & Industry Plaza, Taguig City, the delegation was met by PCCI member companies and key representatives from the government and the private sector to discuss further the product and service offerings both Argentina and Philippines have for one another.

In his presentation, Vigneau states that “exports will be the axis for Argentina’s productive policy. Currently, the country’s agribusiness is composed 60% of exports, and given this, we aim to become a world food supplier”. The delegation was composed of producers, business managers, and owners of dairy, wine, fruits, honey, soybeans, and fishing/shrimp.

Attending on behalf of the OLLI Consulting Group, Inc. are consultants Chris Lacson and Paula Tolentino.


Maria Paula Tolentino is the Chief Content Officer of SEM Scribe Publishing House. A certified Safety Officer, she is an advocate of responsible mining, quarrying and mineral extractive practices with clear focus on the quadruple bottom line (people, planet, profit and purpose). She is also the Vice President for Programs under women-mining NGO, Diwata – Women in Resource Development, Inc. and a Consultant for the OLLI Consulting Group, Inc.

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