Business Strategy & Management Consulting

Corporate Strategy

OLLI assists businesses improve their performance by analyzing and addressing existing organizational issues. We also offer integrative consulting services to organizations that need comprehensive assistance.
Our consulting team possesses multi-disciplinary expertise in various industries that can help you rebuild your business’ foundation in this period of regrowth. OLLI’s areas of expertise include business architecture, financial planning and execution, regulatory compliance and intellectual property management.

Business Unit Strategy

OLLI offers expertise to ensure that business units within an organization function and interact efficiently and seamlessly as operations continually evolve. Our services include designing and executing vision and direction, operations strategy and performance, market analysis, sales and marketing initiatives, and financial performance measures.

Regional Growth Strategy

Numerous Philippine and Asia-based businesses are evolving, rebuilding, and expanding to global markets and digital spaces. Our competencies in economic and business growth, expansion, and synergy are useful to companies who want to grow their businesses in the ASEAN and the Asia Pacific.

Business Development, Marketing, and Sales Strategy

OLLI offers strategic consultancy services to help businesses identify and segment target markets, conceptualize revenue-generating initiatives and convert these campaigns into defined targets.

Government-Industry Alignment

Government-Industry Alignment

OLLI can help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape and achieve your business goals through its extensive and nurtured relationships with various national and local government units and regulatory bodies.

Online Reputation Management

The backbone of online reputation management is public relations. The intended outcome between PR and reputation management is essentially the same – influencing public perception of a person or entity in a favorable light. What the internet has done to PR is package SEO (search engine optimization), digital marketing, and traditional PR discipline to achieve the same results.
In online reputation management, with the combined discipline of crisis communications, it is mandatory that the organization you are involved with immediately provides a counter-statement, explanation, or brief at least an hour after a crisis hits. Messaging should be in line with the leadership’s voice, the company’s brand, and overall perception of the organization.
Why is online reputation management important? Whether the reasons are attracting business opportunities, pitching a project, or simply, in this economy, applying for a job, a good, solid, and trusted reputation affects your bottom line!

 Occupational Safety and Health

GutOccupational safety and health are essential for business operations. Implementing occupational health and safety regulations helps employers and business owners effectively and inclusively protect their workers from hazards such as illness, injury, or death, and prevent loss or damage to their workplaces, including their offices, factories, project sites, and shops. 
We offer guidance on the technical, administrative, operational, legal compliance, and physical, mental, and social aspects of occupational safety and health. We also provide safety and health programs to let your clients know and assure them that your organization’s offices and facilities are safe and healthy to enter, work, and transact in.
OLLI also assists private institutions in developing internationally-recognized minimum health protocols and standards in light of the new normal following the CoVid-19 pandemic, by offering the following during and post-CoVid-19 training sessions:

1. COVID-19 Pandemic OSH Awareness and Controls 
2. New Normal at Work: OSH guidelines and practices
3. OSH for Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
4. OSH for Hotels, Restaurants and Online Food Delivery
5. Food Safety Training for Supervisors and Employees
6. OSH for Mining during COVID-19 Pandemic
7. OSH for Oil and Gas during COVID-19 Pandemic
8. OSH for Transport and Logistics during COVID-19